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As a professional composer and music producer I have spend decades in writing and performing music.

Here at Movie Music Man you can buy top notch film music for your media production directly from the composer Pedro Celli.
Easy worldwide royalty-free licensing! Select from a music library with over 1000 film music soundtracks and download a demo version to see if the composition suits your movie.

Of course, if you'd like to hire me to work on a custom score for your next project. Excellent, I'd love to hear from you. Tell me all about your pending production!
You can reach me with pedro[at] or with the Contact Form

Licensing Benefits:

affordable licensing rates
buy directly from the composer
first-class musical scores for your movie
easy to use and apply
high quality 16bit 48khz wav or aiff files
worldwide and Internet use already included
personal license key and certificate for your production records

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Enjoy reading further and browsing my music library!

Your Movie Music Man,

Pedro Celli

Licensing Policy

Licensing at Movie Music Man is straightforward and easy.

I like to keep things simple for your sake and for mine. That's why I only have two types of licenses. So let's see what you can do with both types.

1. The Non-Advertising license

This license is for use in a single production or episode on any non-advertising production, e.g. film, video, movie, trailer, theatre performance, dance performance or video installation.

2. The Advertising license

This license is for use in a single production or episode on any advertising production, e.g. film, video, commercial, POS-video, presentation, teaser.

All licenses are granted Non-Exclusive, which means that I keep the exclusive rights on my music while you are allowed to use the licensed compositions through the license you acquire.

You are allowed to mix, repeat and loop the licensed music as you please within the production you have acquired the license for.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd rather need a different type of license for a project type not covered by the two license types listed above. I'm sure we can work something out that suits your demands perfectly.


Film Noir

Perfect Score Collection

Presentation Picture - Film-Noir Edition

From the 1940s until the present time, Film Noir was and still is a beloved and very popular cliche.You can find many variations of that style but the hallmarks usually are: a shamus, a femme fatale, dramatically shadowed dark photography, flashbacks with voiceover narration and a general fatalistic mood.

Track 5 from 8: "The lady is a knockout"


$179 Bundle: 8 Songs

(non advertising license)


Reflective Cinema

Perfect Score Collection

Presentation Picture - Reflective-Cinema Edition

The Reflective Cinema Edition contains compositions that are a perfect fit for contemplative scenes or films that generally aim to evoke reflection from the audience.

Track 1 from 6: "Mind Traveller"


$149 Bundle: 6 Songs

(non advertising license)


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